We don’t make anything – our business is knowledge

Knowledge transfer and innovation are critical to our business. We don’t say we know it all. We are on a continual journey of learning. How many times to consultants produce the same old details and reports, even when they are out of context. Clients want bespoke solutions that are optimal to their situation. Not just what “worked last time”.

Our innovation partners – Universities and construction research organisations

Director – Stephen Gibson, has worked alongside the Universities, professional Institutions and research organisations for many years – in the development of greater understanding and knowledge through innovative applied design solutions.

Portsmouth University are currently studying the detailed water and soil quality performance at Stephen’s Mt Vernon development site, following a number of years of various SUDs techniques.

CIRIAs kind assistance over the years is acknowledged.

Promoting UK and international technical knowledge transfer in civil engineering

 “In a talk on sustainable drainage to Chartered Surveyors, Stephen demonstrated good knowledge and experience for delivering practical solutions, and explained all of this with a little humour.” Guy Pullen 3CPD

I am also open to requests from Universities, to act as a vising lecturer and assist in the teaching the next generation of Civil Engineers in some of the practical elements of combining hydrology and geology to develop sites in a sustainable way.

Please click below to review individual civil engineering white papers and presentations to RIBA, RICS and other international conferences:


Wilsham Trenchless World Sept 2013