Wilsham Consulting Ltd is a friendly small independent Civil Engineering Consultancy that was formed over 10 year ago. Over 300 projects have been successfully delivered for a wide range of Clients based right across the UK.  We provide professional advice and civil engineering design services. We are not a Contractor and don’t undertake any construction work.

We hold Lloyds of London registered professional indemnity insurance, specifically for the provision of Civil Engineering advice and design. We provide such services in accordance with the Institution of Civil Engineer’s (ICE) rules of professional engagement and broadly in accordance with the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) scope of works, depending on the specific situation.

Some of our previous Clients have included the HM Treasury (Royal Mint); various NHS Trusts; Salisbury Cathedral; the National Trust; along with a multitude of schools; elderly care facility operators; commercial businesses; contractors; as well as private individuals. What unites our Clients, is a desire for a cost effective, direct, highly experienced and professional civil engineering advice / design service.

We don’t have standard rates, or charges for work such as Independent Highway Reviews or Flood Risk Assessments. We don’t produce standard reports. All reports provided are bespoke and specific to client needs. Due to professional liability outlined above, we don’t visit sites and can’t provide any professional advice without an engagement being in place first.

We welcome enquiries, however it is essential for new proposals to be considered, that a detailed proposal is submitted, with full client details, project plans or photos, Authority feedback or any other information which will aid our understanding of the necessary scope and so professional fee applicable.