Abingdon School Sports Centre

I was deslighted to have been responsible for the entire civil design to support Abingdon School's new high quality sports centre, with swimming pool. As an old Abingdonian myself  I really appreciated the transformation the development brought to compared to the existing outdoor facility.

Says Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson

What civil enginering design was involved at Abingdon School?

For the development to proceed/open a whole range of civil elements had to be undertaken, including:

What was the biggest civil challenge at the Abingdon School Sports Site?

I was informed by Thames Water that the existing public sewers were already at capacity.Initially Thames Water rejected the suggestion of accepting any flows comming from the operation of the swimming pool. This could have prevented the development proceeding.

My previous experience as a Lead Design Engineer proved very valuable.

I worked closely with Thames Water and the Pool Mechanical specialists to see what backwash arrangement could be designed which would be practical and result in minimal risk of surcharge for Thames Water. I specificed a backwash tank system with a specialist pumping control system which would discharge flows during low flow periods over night. It was also designed such that the school could use the secondary flows for landscape watering.

Specialist design in relation to pool backwash discharged and agreements with Thames Water.

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