Building Regulations Part H

The UK Building Regulations part H covers the requirements with respect to drainage and waste disposal at sites. Ensuring that a development complies with these is critical. Our designs will assist in relation to H1 to H5.

As per the following sections:

H1. Foul water drainage

An adequate system of drainage should be provided to carry foul water from appliances within the building to either a public sewer, private sewer, septic tank or cesspool. 

H2. Wastewater treatment systems and cesspools

This section deals with the design and siting of septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems and cesspools. 

H3. Rainwater drainage

Adequate provision should be made for rainwater to be carried from the roof of a building to either a soakaway, watercourse or sewer 

H4. Building over sewers

The erection or extension of a building or underpinning works should be carried out in such a way that is not detrimental to any drain or sewer.

H5. Separate system of drainage

This section deals with the need to keep rainwater drainage separate from foul drainage wherever practicable. 

H6. Solid waste storage

Adequate provision should be made for storage of solid waste, access to the place of storage and, from there to a collection point (where one has been specified by the waste collection authority)

It is mandatory in England and Wales for all sites to comply with the Building Regulations Part H. They can be considered as practical minimum standards of performance.