Civil Engineering Quotes

We are a small family business and all clients pay for professional advice on a fixed or timecharge basis.

We don’t and can’t answer questions on projects we are not appointed on, no matter how small, so please don’t ask.

Assuming you are looking to obtain professional advice, please feel free to forward details of your project requirements.

We can then liaise with you to scope the work and show what time we believe is necessary to provide professional assistance.

We have advised on projects with a construction value of several millions to small house extensions and across the UK.

Find out about are competitive flood risk assessment reports.

Can you come to site and then give us a price for the civil engineering design / advice?

No. We usually receive 3 or 4 requests for assistance on flooding, highways or other civil engineering issues from Clients across the UK every working day.

Our fees are usually minimal in relation to most major projects (can be as low as 0.3%). Unfortuately, we cannot usually go to sites on a speculative basis. We appreciate that Architects, Builders or other professionals do sometimes visit client sites for free. They can do so, because their potential fees and/or profit per job can be between 10 to 500 times larger.

Where you require a fixed price, we will set out and explain the proposed civil engineering scope. We will often suggest work is progressed in stages, such that you are not committed to progressing with detailed civil engineering design before a civil strategy is agreed. That way, it reduces your risk of abortive work and fees.

I want competitive civil engineering quotes….

  • As a small business, we have considerably lower overheads and can operate far more efficiently than the major civil engineering consultants.
  • We also can provide a more experienced and focused service. You will not be passed around a multitude of departments. We have no interest in providing a poor quality cheap service.
  • Quotes are on the basis of a professional civil engineering service, with full Lloyds of London backed professional indemnity insurance in place.
  • We don’t however get involved with price matching, competitive tender bids etc as the minimal fees make such bids unviable. It is also impossible to accurately compair consultants on a like for like basis as the experience and service is entirely different.


How should a project be priced?

Many Consultants base their civil engineering quotes on set percentages of the “total construction cost”

But if, for example, the price of bricks or a boiler goes up, should that effect what you pay your designer? Is it fair?

We understand that most Clients are happy to pay fair and reasonable rates when they can see the quality of work we provide.

For us, every site is set in a unique situation with its own challenges. The key is to identify and evaluate these at an early stage. For example:

  • Is the site contaminated?
  • Does it flood, if so how and with what likely return period?
  • What are the ground conditions?
  • Does infrastructure such as sewers / HV cables etc need to be diverted?
  • Is it in a tree protection area or have highway issues?
  • What are the groundwater levels?

We often need to obtain agreement from many different Authorities – local planning, highway, the Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards – not just Building Control. This is where experience is critical in securing agreement to practical engineering solutions to enable projects to proceed. Such experience doesn’t come from Universities, but practical experience over years

Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid project costs, but it is appropriate to identify the risks and costs at an early stage and actively work to reduce them across the project. That’s where our technical and commercial experience will really pay off.

Our civil engineering quotes are based on the time necessary to provide a professional service. If you wish to have a fixed civil engineering quote, then we need to agree a fixed scope. Where the scope/time is unclear, we typically use our time charge at our rate of £120 per hour for a Director and £40 per hour for CAD, with a £500 initial sum to cover insurance/administration/invoicing/drafting the contract etc.

Is my project too small or large?

As a small dynamic consultant, we have low overheads and can cost effectively deliver even the smallest projects.  Such just are not viable for the standard national and international consultants.

Likewise we have experience of working on elements on some of the biggest projects in the UK. Our Director – Stephen Gibson previously led the design for major multi-million pound network improvements and the site inspections for key new road infrastructure. Send us information on your projects and we get back to you.

Do you do Structural / QS / Architectural work also?

Although they all may be interesting fields and with good fees, as a professional practice we are sticking with what we are experienced and qualified in. We are aware that some Architects and Structural consultants offer “drainage and highway design”. However, we have on many occasions been called in by schools and developers, who have experienced very expensive flood damage, highway failures, or over expensive design and construction solutions and had to “sort it all out”. There is no such thing as a free professional advice. Either they are not planning or doing the civil engineering work quoted professionally, or have loaded their fee to include it.

We are aware of many excellent Architects, Structural Engineers, Project Managers etc and happy to recommend them or work with others to deliver a successful project. We are also happy to work with contractors who appreciate an engineering designer that understands the importance of design buildability. We can provide civil engineering quotes to support “design and build” bids or projects.

The builder says you don’t need a consultant, he has done it all before…

It is important to understand the difference between contractors and consultants responsibilities.

  • A contractors experience is important, but exactly what design liability are they offering you?
  • Most civil work is all buried, so how do you know it is correct? How do you know you are getting what you paid for?
  • Nearly all civil work, even a new soakaway, or drop kerb, needs approval from an Authority. This normally requires both designs and calculations. Is your builder  obtaining these legal agreements? Or exposing you to the risk of costly legal challenge by the Authorities?

I need civil engineering quotes for the design and construction work on my project….

We often work on design and build projects, especially with contractors/groundwaters in the Thames Valley. As we see contractors work regularly, we have practical knowledge of which do good work and which were a nightmare. By coming to us for your engineering project quotes, you gain from our experience.

However, the potential downside of procuring work as a design and build is that the work will only be done exactly to the contract. Changes, where they could introduce variations in consultant design time and contractor works will most likely be charged for.

Some background details..

We are a professional UK based consultancy business – registered at Companies House 8175603

We are registered for VAT in the UK, our number is – 142349817

We are registered with Dun and Bradstreet, our D-U-N-S Number is : 21-853-5659.

OK. I want some civil engineering quotes for my project. How do I move it forward ?

Email your proposals directly to Stephen Gibson at

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