Commercial, industrial or other trade waste site water environmental audits

We understand customers often have a limited budget, but see the increasing need to have been proactive in understanding how their business can meets its obligations in relation to the latest UK and European changes in environmental protection legislation.

There are already many statutory requirements set out in the Water Industry Act, Water Resources Act, Groundwater Act and with ongoing changes being introduced all the time in relation to the Flood Water Management Act.

We can offer:

  • Informal best practice water/drainage reviews
  • Formal reviews for site environmental audits, potentially supporting a companies ISO 14001 compliance
  • Practical design solutions to their ever increasing mandatory
  • We evaluate sources, pathways and receptors in relation to normal background flow operations and emergency spill¬†situations.

Our key advantage for clients are:

  • We are completely independent to any manufacturers or contractors and therefore can provide independent advice as to advisable products and solutions. You pay only for professional advise. One can often find supposedly free “advise” from a manufactures’ sales representative, but you pay in the end.
  • We have considerable practical experience of design and supervising construction at new and existing client sites.
  • We understand that there are often many solutions and options, design is rarely black and white, every site is unique.
  • Small company with low overheads, providing more personal and cost effective support.
  • Considerable experience of agreeing consents with the Environment Agency and Sewerage Authorities

Our Director Stephen Gibson previously was involved in reviewing the amendment of the CIRIA R164 – Design of containment systems for the prevention of water pollution from industrial incidents (R164) standard.

Client’s frequently have had concerns as to the performance of bunds and containment and need independent assistance. We have provided such assistance previously to Clients, such as the HM Treasury Royal Mint site, as well as a multitude of commercial sites with chemical tanks. It should be noted that these are high risk Client works and fees are unlikely to be under ¬£5000.