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Common questions:

Q – Do you cover our area?

A – It depends on the scale, but generally we will cover projects across England and Wales. Many are in London.

Q – Is there a minimum charge?

A – All new client projects have a £500+VAT charge for insurance/administration/invoicing/tax/client setup etc. Rates are then generally £150 +VAT per hour. So fees are likely to be over £1000, even for a short period of assistance. Returning clients with additional work only have to pay the hour rate (or fixed charge where the scope is fixed), as the initial work is already done and payment performance known.

Q – Can you provide a fixed quote over the phone?

A – No, all projects are unique, often with an entirely difference scope, risk and time necessary. Details of the issue including background must be provided to enable the correct scope to be identified and so priced. 

Q- Are the quotes fixed, or time charge?

A – A client may have a specific desire for one or the other, which is often accommodated. It generally depends on if there is sufficient clarity as to how fixed the scope is and how many variables there are which are outside our control. For example, it may be possible to fixed the design fee associated with a sustainable drainage design, but nearly impossible to fix a fee where it requires assistance towards obtaining agreement from Authorities, or other 3rd parties. Sometimes a hybrid fee is provided where the scope which is fixed can be offered at a fixed fee and the scope which is variable is offered at a time charge rate. If a client wants a fixed fee, to include dealing with Authorities, then it is necessary to have a considerably conservative fee, which could then mean the client ends up paying far more than might have been necessary, if undertaken at rate.

Q – Will your fees be lower than competitors?

A – As a small business, with low over-heads, it is inherent, that on a like for like basis, our fees will  be more competitive. However, larger multinationals may use cheaper less experienced staff, or produce work deciding to spend less time, or on a more generic basis which then could be cheaper.  Try to consider obtaining the service of a Consultant similar to finding out the price of a car. There is no single price for a car; it will depend on many factors, such as build quality, size and longevity. A new Audi and Skoda are unlikely to be sold at the same price . We don’t price match competitors as the service and quality, is never like for like.

Q – Does your consultancy have the necessary professional indemnity insurance through Lloyds of London specifically for the provision of Civil Engineering professional advice?

A – Yes, evidence of this can be provided. Many flat rate and low cost Consultancies do not have such insurance.  For a company to obtain such insurance detailed checks on competence and quality are typically made by Underwriters on the Director’s across a 20 year span of technical experience in the industry. 

Q – Do you accept, or review, ALL client proposals?

A – No. We don’t accept around 50% of proposals, for a multitude of reasons. These can include the following:

  • Scope requires skills outside our professional competence (Structural / Electrical etc)
  • Work requested is construction rather than consultancy
  • We are already committed to other client projects for several months (we are usually busy)
  • Lack of clarity over client details, or client’s ability to pay for service requested.
  • Proposal involves supplanting an existing professional, or the existing professionals are already in legal dispute, or where it is not possible to draw clear lines of responsibility and liability.
  • Potential conflicts of interest, lack of professional independence.

We are not under any obligation to provide quotes or services.

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