Dormy House – hotel and spa development

Refurbishment of hotels or other leisure facilities can be a challenging time. Loss of revenue during works often means construction work needs to be done quickly, but to a high standard. An efficient design and a swift response to any design changes can be important. A good contractor is an important element, but they cannot make up for the critical value that an experienced design team can bring. You can find out more about this leading venue and the lessons learned.

The transformation of the Dormy House Hotel and Spa into one of leading Hotel and Spa centres in the UK has been incredible. At Wilsham Consulting we were proud to have used our technical experience to assist this contemporary style luxury hotel

says Stephen Gibson, director of civil engineering consultants – Wilsham Consulting.

Hotel and spa development

We understand that good design requires a balance between the need to minimise the visual impact of services, while ensuring good future access for maintenance systems.

We work with clients to identify project risks and mitigating measures to help projects keep to programme and cost.


Hotel and spa development team experience

We are use to working with highest quality Architects, Interior  Designers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Pool specialists. We have worked with Peter Marino Architects (New York), BDP (London) and Sparcstudio (London) and other A list leading international consultants where quality and style is critical.

The team at Dormy House included Trevillion Interiors, Howard Spa Consultants and leading pool specialists – Edge Leisure.

Andrew Grahame, chief executive of Farncombe Estate, said about the hotel and spa development :

“The opening of the new House Spa at the Dormy has brought the ultimate spa experience to the wider Cotswolds area. We’ve worked with the best in the business to create what we think is a unique sanctuary for spa-goers, members and hotel guests.”


A selection of photos taken during and following construction of the dormy house hotel and spa development.Great looks and functionality don’t just happen by chance. They require a major investment in design coordination.

Environmental considerations for a hotel and spa development

There are a wide range of environmental considerations in the civil design side of a environmentally sensitive hotel and spa development. These include:

  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Source control sustainable external surfacing
  • Low carbon external works design for car parking areas
  • Backwash treatment and mitigation
  • Sustainable materials for drainage works and treatment systems

I want professional civil engineering advice on a hotel and spa development – how do I move it forward?

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