Embankment design

We have experience of designing a range of embankments for various clients.

Where space permits, it is often more appropriate to use embankments rather than retaining walls. This can be especially true in a school environment where the safety risks associated with falls from walls are important.

We often assist landscape architects with the civil/structural side of their proposals.This includes embankment design and retaining walls.

A flood embankment can have a larger construction footprint than a flood wall. It therefore requires considerably more space, however it often makes a more appropriate solution in a rural environment.

A clay (puddle clay ideally) core may be required to reduce seepage through the embankment. A solution needs to be cost effective. The appropriate design depends on the cost effective availability of materials locally. Clay can be trenched into the foundation to reduce seepage underneath the embankment. 

Flood embankment and flood wall design











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