Flood Mitigation and Flood Defence

Many of our clients have experienced some form of flooding. Often they will have experienced considerable damage to their property and contents. Some after making a claim in relation to flood damage on their household insurance, are left uninsured in the future. It is therefore critical that they do anything reasonably possible to reduce their risk of future damage.

We would usually always visit site to understand the problem. This is combined with our extensive experience of the various forms of flood damage. Flood damage can take the the following forms:

  • Surface water (ground/watercourse)
  • Groundwater or Vadose flooding
  • Infrastructure failure, such as clean water and foul sewer flood events
  • Sea

We have specialist experience in infrastructure and vadose flooding.


Single house or business estate owners

Many clients are single householders who have experience flooding and want to understand what solutions and costs will be viable. They value independent professional expertise is far more valuable than getting “free” advice from salesmen of various flood product manufacturers. There are many ways to reduce flood risk rather than expensive products.

Village and community group flood

We also have worked for numerous community groups, such as parish and hamlet councils, to design and agree flood mitigation and flood reduction work to defend their villages. Often 100% of our professional fees and the construction cost have been returned by Councils or the EA, once we have shown the scheme benefits. Our service is designed for communities who wish to start taking control of their flooding situation.

We this includes flood mitigation work such as culvert design and complete permanent flood barrier / defence to provide greater protection to villages and towns.