Flood and Water Services

Flood Mitigation Design, Flood Risk Assessments and Strategic Drainage

We have experience of the design of new developments within areas at risk of flooding and agreeing practical flood mitigation measures to meet the agreement of the Environment Agency. We assist insurance companies,  local communities and individual residents who have been flooded previously. This includes flood reduction measures, both on site and engineering works in the vicinity, to reduce the risk and severity of return events.

A key requirement in securing public funding is understanding the Land Drainage Act and the roles and responsibilities it sets out for all parties.

A flood risk assessment is more than a lengthy review of a EA flood map. Most flood risks are not on the EA maps, with many flood events occurring as a result of high groundwater or failure of existing surface water drainage systems. We use our extensive experience in the designing of practical flooding mitigation measures to produce a report which provides a practical basis for understanding the flood risks and measures available to reduce the risk of property damage, or public safety.

We have produced flood risk assessments (FRAs) for a range of clients, including private housing estates, schools and universities. See our Flood Service section for further info