Civil and highway design

Highway Design

The photo is from the construction of new public transport hub and London Transport Bus Terminal that we designed for the Hillingdon NHS Trust, at their Mt Vernon Hospital site.

Highway design services include:

  • Adoptable highways /roads – Highways Act Section 38
  • Works to adoptable highways / roads – Highways Act Section 278
  • Private Estates – Highway design responsibility
  • Advice on asphalt (tarmac) resurfacing on existing concrete highways / roads or hardstanding’s.
  • Independent inspection and professional report in relation to existing, or newly completed asphalt (tarmac) surfacing, including commenting on failures and solutions.
  • Inspection during the installation of asphalt (tarmac) works at highways.
  • Experience of a range of innovative highway design solutions to maximise sustainability and lower carbon
  • Design of car parks, lorry compounds and industrial centre hardstanding’s.

​A typical highway design example includes:

​JR Hospital (Oxford) A&E highway reconstruction design and inspection

The main access highway / road to the John Radcliffe Hospital (Oxford) Accident and Emergency Centre was rapidly deteriorating. Highway sections were dropping and potholes were continual. Basic repairs had been made for years without any success. It was essential to the NHS Trust that any solution would address the issues more permanently, but they could not afford the time scales and disruption of a “DMRB type traditional solution”. With the surfaces stripped back and the formation exposed it was clear that the original construction was far to light for the intended traffic and services crossings had further reduced the strength.

“Rather than excavate further down, causing additional delays and costs, I decided to use a combination of techniques to provide increased strength without increased depth.” Says Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson.

These included:

  • Locally addressing soft spots and hard sports.
  • Use of geotextiles and bi-axel geogrids to considerably increase the strength of the subbase without without requiring deep capping required under DMRB.
  • Special asphalt Road, Binder and Surface courses designed to maximise strength and long performance life.