The Heritage Way, Gosport

The Hertage Way is now an important road into this side of Gosport. In highway engineering terms it was very challenging. During the initial stages of  construction the whole area was flooded, contamined and constuction had ground to a halt. The entire development of the new housing estates depended on the road being built on time. I was brought in by the developer and his contractor to fundamentally review how the road could be built.

Instead of the mass importing of capping material I proposed and agreed with the contractor a system of concrete/lime stabilisation of the existing soils. Appropriate checks were made of the existing soils to ensure the technique was apporpriate.  This technique was combined use of engineering geotextiles to provide additional strength and restance aginst settlement.

Not only did this get the project back on track, but resulted in considerable environmental benefits . Overall its an excellent example of how Wilsham have the experience to help clients and contractors projects get back on programme.

Says Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson

We have experience of public and private highway design and construction supervision, from major public highways to high quality private drives, working on behalf of contractors, estate developers and clients.

Can you provide practical example of highway projects?

  • Highway Act Section 38 highway adoption – North Leigh
  • Highway Act Section 278 public highway works – Various
  • Highway Act Section 184 minor work agreements –Various
  • Private Road Agreements Various
  • Detailed designs maximising sustainability
  • SUDS compliant car parks – Mt Vernon Hospital, Hillingdon NHS Trust
  • Experience in the use of ground improvement techniques for roads Heritage Way, Gosport
  • Experience of roads across contaminated land and in flood zones Heritage Way, Gosport
  • Housing estate road design Park Close Bladon, Park Close North Leigh etc.
  • Luxury house drive design and specification, Various confidential
  • Bus terminals and coach stations – Mt Vernon Hospital
  • Industrial Yards – Timbmet Shellingford


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