Malvern College Sports Centre

Malvern is famous for its groundwater springs and it’s College. On this project the two came together!

Says Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson

When Malvern College decided to progress with the" Malvern College Sports Centre Project" my specialist experience in hydrogeology and sustainable drainage proved invaluable.

What were the key civil elements at the planning stage?

Malvern Hills District Council planning conditions required:

Malvern traditionally experienced flooding during peak events, so the Council required that the development of the Malvern College Sports Complex should decrease the flooding risk. Malvern College's Sports Centre was an example of an especially challenging hydrological site. The centre is located on the side of the Malvern Hill, which is famous for its springs. 

"I produced a hydrogeological model of groundwater flows around the proposed Malvern College Sports Complex site such that I could understand how the proposed building would relate to the flows."

reports Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson.

“My groundwater flownet evaluation allowed a cost effective design to be achieved for the College.

What hydraulic techniques were applied at Malvern College?

  • Careful SUDs design was necessary to maximise discharge to the groundwater, while minimising the risk of groundwater flooding. This was combined with attenuation storage, essentially reducing the net peak discharge off site even in the worst 1:100 year storm conditions.
  • Careful design of retaining walls to intercept groundwater flows.
  • Increase in permeable surfacing from that existing at the site. Including innovative open graded asphalt footways and permeable block paved vehicle areas.

What about the swimming pool backwash and sewerage design?

An arrangement for dealing with the swimming pool discharge to avoid flooding in the public sewer was also designed. We liaised with Severn Trent to obtain all the necessary Water Industry Act permissions on behalf of the Malvern College. We produced the designs and calculations to obtain agreement to the proposals under the Building Regulations part H.

Find out more about our work on the Malvern College Sports Centre, the techniques, or how we can help you with hydro-geologically challenging sites.

Photo of Malvern College Sports Centre with reference to Hydro-geological design and sustainable drainage systems


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