Mt Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Low Impact Sustainable Civil Design

The development is a leading example of Low Impact Sustainable Civil Design (LISCD) and Multi stage Water Treatment in the UK.

Wilsham Consulting's Director – Stephen Gibson was the Civil Designer for this ground-breaking project which is featured around the World as setting the benchmark for sustainable civil and water design. It included the Civil Engineering design for the £13 million new treatment centre and a £830,000 major new public transport boulevard and car park.

The boulevard acts as a London Transport Bus terminal and helping to bring patients and visitors as close as possible to the hospital facilities. The civil engineering project was completed ahead of programme and £80,000 under budget.

The project has helped shape UK Government advice on sustainable civil design and sustainable urban drainage. Where as carbon impact is commonly considered in building projects it is rare for it to be such a central issue for a civil enigneering project.

The project involved the demolician of low quality WW2 buildings. The project resulted in a reduction in peak and total surface water flows, in an community with a considerable flooding problem. The project was presented at the 2012 International SUDs Conference and was warmly received.

Not content with pioneering the use of multistage treatment solutions – Wilsham Consulting’s Director Stephen Gibson has been assisting the 3 year research programme run from the University of Portsmouth to help better understand how the different SUDs techniques effect the water and hydrocarbon levels.

“ There is no UK standards for such sustainable design, so I specified a bespoke solution which would maximised the recycling on site and reduced environmental impact while meeting the Trusts performance standards.”

"I have provided presentations on the project to some of the leading contractors – such as Balfour Beatty Construction, such that I can share our expertise and help Contractors improve both environmental and financial performance on other similar Design and Build Civil projects."

"I am delighted with the success of this project – it is a clear example where the civil engineering industry has great potential to cut costs and reduce environmental impact of developments by intellegent design, not blindly applying inappropriate Highway Agency Motorway and Trunk road standards. There is more still to learn and Wilsham would be keen to work with other Universities or Research organisations who wish to get involved with the ongoing research at the hospital site."

Wilsham Consulting Ltd are at the forefront of Low Impact Sustainable Civil Design (LISCD) in the UK and keen to work with others from around the World with a similar focus and enthusiasm.