Sustainable Design


  •  Low Impact Design (LID) of Civil / Highway Infrastructure.

This includes maximising onsite recycling at brownfield sites within bespoke design standards to suit Client specific needs . Minimising CO2 and wider environmental impact.

  • Trenchless Construction

Design, specifications and supervision of trenchless construction techniques at sites. We have experience in the use of directional drilling, pipe jacking (up to 1.2m diameter), slip lining and auger boring. This is to support the installation of clean water, sewerage and surface water applications, under buildings, trees and dual carriageways.

  • Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Highway and Drainage design techniques in both urban (SUDS) and rural settings.

  • Independent Civil Engineering Advice

Independent Civil Engineering review and advice to be considered in “out of court” disputes.

  • Water Industry Act applications

Section 106, Section 104, Section 98 etc, and more specialist sections such as Section 101a, the HL Water Bill and experience of advising on appeals to these Authority determinations to support a client.