Civil Engineering design at the Oxford High School

The Oxford High School is one of independent schools of the Girls' Day School Trust. The development provided new dining facilities, a performing arts facility, reception, refurbished drama studios and associated new external works.

The Oxford High School main buildings are just above the original and live 1920's North Oxford Trunk Sewer. With the secondary, 1970's trunk sewer running live around the Oxford High School grounds.

Wilsham Consultant Director Stephen Gibson says

To enable the entire development to proceed, Thames Waters permission to divert one of the sewers and obtain a build over consent in relation to the other trunk sewer, were necessary. Such processes are not simple, my years of experience as a Lead Design Engineer for Thames Water came in valuable to resolve the problems and enable the development to proceed.

"I designed and agreed a new diverted route for the trunk sewer and managed the local ground worker – Greenfords with the construction works. Although taking a considerable amount of work to secure, using a Section 104 agreement, the savings for the school exceeded £80,000 against the traditional requisition route. It is a classic example of where the use of a specialist civil consultant can reduce total project costs and reduce programme delays".

I also designed a SUDs system for the Oxford High School. The school development won the Oxford City Sustainability Building Award and it was a pleasure seeing all the hard work pay off in a high class facility.

A performance based rainwater harvesting specification was also written for the Oxford High School. A small and cost effective system was designed to take water from the flat roofs and provide water for toilet washing.

At Wilsham we have considerable experience of the whole range of engineering solutions and agreements necessary to enable developments to proceed, from the smallest drain to the largest clean water or sewer trunk main.

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