Petrol stations and vehicle repair garages

We have experience in the civil design of petrol stations and vehicle repair centres. Many existing and new centres are badly designed with basic separators and a failure to provide separation and water quality treatment. Such centres are often a hot spot for pollution to watercourses and groundwater. We are keen to assist Forecourt operators in evaluating their existing operation water quality risks and solutions. We can also design the civil works for the stations. ( Mechnical, Electrical and Fuel by others)

We have worked closely with the Environment Agency to agreed apporpriate water quality mitigation measures in relation to the introduction of Adblue dispensors. EA guidence is that external areas should go to sustainble drainage systems, yet one cannot rule out the accidental spillage of Adblue. We can assist your site with finding an oppropriate engineering solution.

Environmental Risks Insured or Not