Our positioning in the civil engineering industry is original and unique. We work for a diverse range of Clients who all require specialist and focused technical expertise in highways, flooding, drainage and water. They include cathedrals, nuclear power station operators, billionaires, garden centres, marinas, elderly care operators, hotel and spas, universities, primary schools, botanical gardens and residential householders or developers

They all want to same thing – high quality technical civil engineering experience.

Our philosophy is simple:

1) Listening to Clients. Understanding what the Client wants to achieve and to agree a clear scope.

2) There is rarely only one solution – so setting out options for debate and agreement.

3) Clever design –  simplicity, yet taking into consideration all the various factors at play.

4) Risk identification and mitigation – better to mitigate against a risk than ignore and chance delays and extra costs.

5) A continual process of learning and improving.


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