Project Innovation

Innovation and Sustainability are at the core of our business

We are based at Abingdon on Thames, near Oxford.  We are a small business so our Director – Stephen Gibson personally works, or checks all projects. Being small we can be responsive to the needs of clients.  As a small practice we are better able to innovate, free of big company processes.

Highways projects include the civil engineering design for the Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital Accident and Emergency road reconstruction. We applied innovative civil design solutions to reducing construction time and costs, compared to traditional DoT Design Manual Standards.

Many consultants say they are comitted to these, so we would like to set out what they mean to us:

  • Innovation – Every project is unique, a client will have their own priorities and budget. The specific site will have its own geological and environmental factors. Using the same conservative design for site after site is not innovation. A design can be correct even when it does not comply with a British Standard and likewise just becauase it may, does not make it the correct solution. We normally have one innovative or unusal element on every project. We often visit sites years later to see how sucessful solutions are. We work closely with a number of UK Universities to better understand and learn for the future.
  • Sustainability – Both on projects and as a Company. Everything we use is recycled.
  • Professionism – Some Consultants believe giving the Client what they want every time is correct. Sometimes we understand what a Client wants, but its not viable. We are committed to advising clients in an open fashion, where they can understand the risk and we can work together to minimise any cost or delays.