St Helen’s and St Katherine’s School, New Library Civil Design

The Larkmead stream/brook runs through the St Helen's and St Katherine's School site and has flooded during recent years. This shows the danager of relying only on Environment Agency flood zone maps as they often do not identify the primary risks of flooding.

Following a flood risk assessment review various measures were introduced to control and minimise the risk of flooding. Consideration was made as to the appropriate finished floor level.

It was important for the school that the new development should not increase the flood risk for others. They requested that a sustainable urban drainage system be designed based on discharge up to a 1:30 year event. Installation of sustainable drainage systems in ground with a high content of clay can be challenging. A herringbone style shallow reverse field drain type sustainable drainage system was specifically designed. This was connected to an overflow for events greater than a 1:30 year event.

"I was proud to have been responsonsible for the civil engineering design associated with new facility"

says Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson.

Soakaway design and flood mitigation for new library

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