St Mary’s Lois Weedon Church

This medieval church had problems with water damage and took the correct step in requesting professional civil/drainage advice.

We have considerable experience of providing church drainage advice and assisting with DACs.

We visited the site and inspected the damage and to understand why the damage was occuring. It was clear in two locations of the higher side the rill discharge points had become obstructed with excessive silts and vegetation. We climbed the tower to consider the potential of failure of water collection and discharge of the main church roofs.

The options for soakaway construction within the church yard were considered.

All of this was then set out in a report for the church, including the phasing of options and budget costs. Priorty was given to work which was inexpensive and offered maximum risk/damage reduction.

It is always recommended to obtain "architectural" assistance from a civil engineer for matters of flooding and drainage problems. It will help in the securing faculty permissions and answer DAC questions. We also identify budget costs and programmes for rectificaton.


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