Civil Engineering Sustainable Design

Considerable attention has being paid to building sustainability over the last 10 years and there have been considerable improvements in relation to carbon reduction with different building materials and heating systems.

The industry is now turning its attention to the sustainability of infrastructure work outside buildings. Wilsham are one of the leading UK design practices in civil engineering sustainable design.

Unlike a building – with Civil infrastructure the long terms maintenance and operational costs are often more important than the short term capital cost. For example:

  • How could you decide if a treatment works is more expensive, or that it has a lower carbon footprint, or energy demand, than a pumped solution?
  • Which types of asphalt have the lowest carbon footprint?
  • How can LID (Low Impact Development) sustainable highway and drainage design reduce the carbon footprint?

We know that for some clients sustainability is not always high in priority. However, with civil design the more sustainable option is often the cheapest long term solution. Good green Civil design is not just for those with spare cash!

We have published various papers on the subject see


The photo shows the industrial scale demolition and recycling at this site in Gloucester – transforming a secret 2nd world war oil tank farm into a residential estate for Bloor Homes.