Timbmet Distribution Centre

"Along with some of the most sensitive sites, we also have excellent experience of producing the civil design to support major UK industrial and distribution centres. This includes drainage and reinforced concrete and asphalt design to take some of the most demanding lorry movements" says Wilsham Director – Stephen Gibson.

Timbmet is one of the largest suppiers of timber in the UK and has a large fleet of HGVs with heavy loading requirements. Specialist design experience is needed to reduce deterioration in such a structurally demanding environment. The facility included a diesel filling facility, MOT bay and HGV washing. A innovative vehicle wash control system was specially designed to direct flows from vehicles to the public foul sewer and revert to a local watercourse, via oil separators, during normal rainfall events.

The system was praised by Thames Water's Engineers, who said it was a model example of good design and that it was to be used as a template of good drainage design strategy for many other similar sites across the Thames region.

An experienced civil engineer is eesential in such industrial and commercial estates, in relation to designing the structural highways and yards such that they are fully intregrated with the drainage.