National Trust and Tredegar House

We have specialist experience of evaluating historical drainage systems and adapting them at Grade 1 and 2 listed properties.

This includes a multitude of private and publically held estates.

This includes, for example a asset/risk review of the operation of existing drainage systems and creating an drainage asset management plan for organisations such as the National Trust.

"Experience and knowledge of pre victorian drainage techniques and systems applicable to historic estates is critical. I was able to put this experience to good use on a recent drainage asset report on Tredegar House for the National Trust." says Wilsham Director Stephen Gibson." One needs to consider how drainage systems evolved. Drainage was not just introduced in the 1850's. Conduits, water courses often were installed far earlier."

In the course of organising and reviewing surveys of existing conduits, we sometimes uncover priest escape tunnels and work with Historians to help understand their past use, from an engineering perspective.