So what is a Trenchless Technology Consultant?

A trenchless technology consultant is usually a professional Civil Engineering designer with experience of the use of a wide array of trenchless construction solutions. The have a responsibility to provide independent advice to you as a Client as to options available in the context of the proposed works. Ideally they should have had practical experience of different solutions used in a similar context.

Whereas the construction side is often done by a specialist trenchless-subcontractor, it is recommended that the designer covers all of the civil design elements including trenchless elements. Integration of the proposals in the specific context of the proposals is critical to good design, whereas the construction work can be split far more clearly.

How should I select a trenchless technology consultant?

Civil Engineering Consultant experience is relatively limited in the UK, certainly outside the Utility sector. The key consideration, as a Client, should be the benefit that good advice and therefore appropriate solution, will bring to the project. The Consultant cost is generally minimal, compared to the construction cost.

Talk to the specific Civil Engineer who will be advisingyou  to see what experience they have.

What trenchless technology consultant experience does Wilsham Consulting have?

All advice on trenchless solutions is provided by Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson.

Stephen has used trenchless solutions on a wide range of building, infrastructure and utility projects. He is used to integrating them into Client projects.

Stephen provides advice which is published in various international publications such as Trenchless World –  Wilsham Trenchless World Sept 2013 

He is used to advising on especially sensitive developments, as is often the case with trenchless solutions.

Feel free to contact with your project proposal and see how we can help.