Water Storage – large ponds and lakes

We have considerable experience of designing water storage systems, from large ponds to lakes and (small reservoirs). We have experience of working with Reservoir Panel Engineers to agree proposals for larger water retaining structures.

Water storage features can provide a multitude of benefits, not just attenuation and reducing flooding. They can provide assets for teaching at schools or blue health benefits to hospitals and nuring homes.

Water storage systems can provide great environmental benefit to a rural estate. Providing a source of water during times of drought and an attractive feature.

Good design is such that the water storage system is integrated with the existing site surface water drainage or streams. We have experience in the design of embankments to hold the water and control structures to release it naturally.

We have designed numerous systems from schools (Abingdon College Land Use Centre) to Nursing Homes (Badby).









I want professional advice on water storage solutions – how do I move it forward?

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You can:

yesSpeak to Wilsham Consulting Director – Stephen Gibson directly about your project on 01235 529646

mailEmail your proposals directly to Stephen Gibson at stephen@wilsham.co.uk

 – Please include all relevant background information for a fixed quote, including plans, location, surveys, photos, planning conditions, or anything else relevant to the your proposals.