CIRIA C736:Design of Containment Systems for the Prevention of Water Pollution from Industrial Accidents

Design of containment systems for the prevention of water pollution from industrial incidents (R164) has now been superseded by Containment systems for the prevention of pollution: Secondary, tertiary and other measures for industrial and commercial premises (C736; 2014).

The CIRIA guidance 164 was the Design of Containment Systems for the Prevention of Water Pollution from Industrial Accidents, which provided advice on measures which can be considered for existing or new sites to reduce the risk of pollution.

Most commercial or industrial sites across the UK have on site storage of oil, diesel or other liquids or solids which could potentially damage the environment.  We have worked with clients on developments for car tyre shredding, petrol stations and private refuelling facilities for a company’s HGV fleet.

To show environmental compliance it is recommended that all industrial sites have a risk assessment carried out by a specialist civil engineering consultancy. Wilsham Consulting provides such an independent professional civil engineering service to UK clients. 

I want my site to comply with CIRIA C736. How can Wilsham help me?

That's great. Wilsham Consulting is one of the leading independent small water consultants in the UK, with experience of water pollution mitigation and water pollution risk assessments.

We can visit your site and review the hydraulic environmental risks associated. We can review new proposals for industrial sites or produce designs and specifications to support small proposals. We are not tied to manufacturers or contractors, so not trying to sell work you may not need. We provide reports confidentially and independent to the Authorities.

Many clients want our risk reports to include options for mitigation. Such that they can steadily work towards greater protection, as their budget allows.

How was Wilsham involved with CIRIA 164?

" I am delighted to be on the national committee of experts reviewing the CIRIA guidance 164 Design of Containment Systems for the Prevention of Water Pollution from Industrial Accidents. I have been involved with a wide range of clients who have plant, equipment or storage of materials, where for example if there was a fire and normal foam was used, there would be a considerable risk of watercourse or groundwater pollution. Achieving a balance between increasing use of SUDS systems and minimising the risk of contamination are very important."

says Wilsham Consulting Director Stephen Gibson.

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An extreme example – Buncefield Oil Terminal, Hertfordshire