Young and Webb – Oxford – Civil and Structural Engineers

Young and Webb was a Civil and Structural Engineering practice based in Oxford. It had a high reputation for good honest advice to the local development maket in Oxfordshire.

Can I still get the Young and Webb quality of Engineering advice?

Yes, see below for details….

I first joined Young and Webb in 2005 to found and lead the "Civil" side of the company and can explain more….

Young and Webb, was established in 1979 and was responsible for the civil and structural design of a wide range of projects in education, health, the commercial and the community sectors.  It was also the structural engineer for the award-winning St Bede’s Church, Basingstoke and for the Decagon House in Oxford which featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Jeff and Stan were very well known and respected locally.

In late 2008 Young and Webb was taken over by medium sized national consultant Gifford.

At that time a Gifford Director, said: “This acquisition will make us the leading multidisciplinary practice in the region, with strong teams of specialists across building structures, mechanical and electrical building services and the environment. Young and Webb is a perfect fit.” However, redundancies followed, both in Oxford and across the company.

Despite making hundreds of engineers redundant Gifford proved unable to adapt to the changing market demands. Those made redundant retained most of the Clients and were then able to set up directly in competition, but with a lower cost base.

Gifford was evenually taken on by Danish multinational Ramboll. In 2012 Ramboll decided to draw back from the UK market, shutting various regional offices including Oxford.

None of the original Young and Webb team of 2008 remain in Ramboll.

 Meeting to discuss water sensitive urban design

I have a claim against Young and Webb….

Any claims relating to Young and Webb, need to be directed to Ramboll UK, who remain legally responsible.


Where did the Young and Webb team go.. how can I get hold of them for new jobs?

The market in Oxfordshire however remain positive. Many of the old Young and Webb team remain actively working at civil and structural engineering in the Oxfordshire area.

Wilsham Consulting, based in Abingdon undertakes Civil Engineering Consulting work, such as flood risk assessments, sustainable drainage design etc

and there are other various structrual engineering practices.