Water Master Planning

Water Master Planning is the skillful integration of water within an urban engineered environment. A key element of this the integration sustainable drainage systems – especially source control systems. Its about controling and treating water to minimise flooding and pollution within a wider environment than just a specific site or development.

For decades the industry standards have been on "getting rid" of water into the nearest drain and discharging it to a watercourse. This was a flawed logic based on a fundamental failure to understand the value and opportunity water presents to the built and rural environment.

We work with planning experts to intregrate a wholelistic approach to water within a new developement or to an existing settlement. This includes trying to reintroduce people to water, in a controlled way. Natural features such as water gardens, rills, ditches and ponds can reintroduce people to water.

Recent studies have shown that this approach has been shown to provide a measurable additional health value at health care facilities – or blue health civil design.

A fundamental approach is that the development should not increase the flood risk to others or increase water pollution. It is not just about attenuating flows and storage. Its about quality of flow and amenity value.

We have considerable experience in Rainwater Harvesting systems, both for residential and community systems.

As Civil Engineers we are committed to Water Master Planning or as we call it "blue civil design". Contact us to find out more.

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